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Lead Removal: Is There Lead in Your Drinking Water?

Have you determined that there may be “higher” levels of lead in your water? You might want to consider water treatment methods such as reverse osmosis, distillation, and carbon filters. Off the bat, to minimize lead from your tap water, do not use hot tap water when preparing food or drink.  Make sure to use cold water after flushing the tap. Then you can heat it if needed.

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Is there lead in my drinking water?

How does Lead get in your water?

The pipes that carry water in the street are usually made of iron or steel, and typically do not add lead to your water.  Lead can enter tap water if lead solder had been used on your pipes or brass fixtures in your home.  Homes built before 1989, when lead solder was banned, will likely contain some lead contamination.

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Kitchen Faucet Tightening: A How To Guide

We all want to save money when possible.  As the owner of Proudfoot Plumbing, Heating and Air, I want you to be able to rely on our services to handle these crazy hard to do jobs that drive most people crazy.  We love jobs that other plumbers think are too hard to do.  We also believe that they are a lot of jobs that you can do yourself.  That’s is why we have this do it yourself series.  It costs us a lot of money to send a truck to your home, stocked with everything we need to do your major repairs for you.  That’s why sometimes it makes sense for you to do it yourself.  Today, I want to talk to you about Kitchen Faucet repair!

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Plumbing Repairs: Four DIY Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs.  As a one-hundred year old professional plumbing, heating and air company located in Pittsburgh, we have lots of questions that we get all of the time.  But the first one that I want to answer is this. Why does it cost so much for a plumber to come to my house? We have to outfit our trucks with hundreds of thousands of dollars of plumbing repair items. And not to forget specialized tools in order to handle most “typical” repair jobs. As a result, it costs us a significant amount of money just to show up an diagnose your problem for you.  The easiest way for you to save money on your plumbing repair costs is to take care of the easy stuff yourself. Which is why we would like to create an ongoing series of plumbing “how to” tips. So let’s jump into four plumbing DIY’s!

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