basement water damage

Basement Water Damage? What To Do When There’s Water in Your Basement

The Call

There has been a lot of rain in Pittsburgh lately. I’ve found that I’ve been getting a number of calls from folks having garage or basement water damage. In all cases, I’m asked is there anything that can be done about this? And can I possibly take care of this problem for them? Seems that people understand that this is not directly a plumbing problem; however, there just might be a “plumbing” solution for this!

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trenchless water line replacement

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

As water lines age, they begin to become damaged and more susceptible to problems. They can become more vulnerable to the effects of extreme temperatures, ground movement, water pressure, and mineral buildup. They can even be affected by tree root intrusion. A damaged water line is cause for concern as even though the problems may seem minor at first, they can quickly lead to trouble. What begins as a lack of water pressure or discolored water can quickly create the perfect culture for toxic mold, mildew, spores, and pest infestation to manifest.

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plumbing school

Should I Go to Plumbing School?

Is Being a Plumber/Heating Tech a Good Career Choice?

I was on my way to a customer call just last week. It was quite a ways from our shop, as we will travel almost anywhere in the Pittsburgh area to help people out. So, since I would be on the road for a while, I began thinking a little bit about my own past. I pondered when & why I decided to go into the plumbing and heating business. And I thought about the amazing choice I made in going to plumbing school in the first place.

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Hot Water Tank is Leaking

My Hot Water Tank Is Leaking! What To Do?

The Call

I received a potential customer call the other day. The person on the other end of the line said that their hot water tank is leaking. She was in her 20s and a new homeowner. She had never encountered this problem before, so we began to simply talk through it. At first, she seemed to be a bit nervous, and I could detect a touch of panic in their voice. I automatically assumed due to that anxious tone, that the leak was not a little one. After talking a bit with the homeowner and she had calmed down, we began to get at the source of the problem.

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leak through your kitchen ceiling

Leak Through Your Kitchen Ceiling

Leak through your kitchen ceiling. Just a few weeks ago, I was standing in the kitchen of a prospective customer. They were interested in putting in some mini-ductless units this spring. When all of a sudden I felt some water drops on my head!  Both the homeowner and I looked up at the ceiling above, only to see (much to the dismay of the homeowner) a water spot on the kitchen ceiling.  And unfortunately, it did look to be damp.

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reverse osmosis system

Reverse Osmosis System for Removing Dissolved Minerals

Last summer, we were actually reviewing a reverse osmosis (RO) install for a prospective new customer and had a call from an existing customer who was requesting a quote for the same kind of system, and rather quickly!  The customer seemed to be in a little bit of a hurry for having his RO install done very soon. Hugh said that he’d be able to take care of it within the next day or two. As he had three other AC jobs lined up before this, given the 90+ degree heat in recent days. But he was curious and asked what the rush was.

The homeowner answered by saying his young teenage daughter had just met a new friend. This friend recently moved into their neighborhood. And that they had an RO system in their home.  His daughter said the water tasted so much better than theirs. And she could not understand why their own water did not taste so good!

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Mini-ductless units Mini-Ductless HVAC System

Mini-Ductless Units: Efficient Additional Cooling

Mini-ductless units. Does your home have rooms that get really cold?  Over the summer, did you freeze on the first floor so your bedroom on the second-floor was cool enough to sleep in?  Do you have a window air conditioner that wakes you up? Especially as it cycles on and off in the middle of the night?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then mini-ductless units might be your answer.

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tankless water heater

Is it Time for a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters – you have heard about them I am sure, but what are the advantages that are offered by the tankless water heater and when should you consider them?   This week, we are beginning a series of stories from our customers.  These stores are real-life situations and the solution we recommended to them and why.

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full-service plumbing

Full-Service Plumbing: What Should They Be Able To Do?

Many of you may ask, what is “full-service plumbing” these days; that is since there are quite a few folks that take on plumbing tasks themselves now.  With the onset of a substantial number of “do it yourself”, one might think that the number of full-service plumbing companies may have decreased.

On the contrary, it appears that more plumbing companies than ever seem to be popping up.

As more and more families are now earning two incomes, the number of new homes being built has increased.  Therefore, the need for more plumbers has increased, including the need for commercial plumbing.  More businesses are being created and existing businesses are expanding with the increase in personal income and spending.

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leaky pipes

How to Fix Leaky Pipes

We all have leaky pipes at one time or another in our lifetimes.  And while this subject appears to be general in nature, it’s actually more specific than you might think.  Note that the vast majority of water supply line piping in homes now is made out of copper.

If you find one of your water supply line pipes leaking, the first thing you will want to do is to attempt to stop the leak until you can have the pipe permanently repaired or replaced. And hopefully, the leaking pipe in question is exposed where you have access to it, like under a sink or up in your basement ceiling for instance.  If not, you may have to do a little work to uncover the pipe, such as removing a section of drywall or plaster, or even a section of floor or ceiling.

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