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Garbage Disposal in a Jam?

Garbage disposals are wonderful, that is, until something goes wrong with them. The worst is when it jams or clogs right when you need it to work! No one wants a sink full of food scraps, nor the smell that comes with it! That’s why today we want to talk about the most common issues […]

A Reflection of Proudfoot’s History

In 1925, Proudfoot Plumbing Heating and Air was nine years old. Our founder, Algernon Hugh Proudfoot (the great Uncle of current owner Hugh!), and his wife Hannah lived and operated this plumbing business from a house on 811 Ann St. A house that still stands today, not far from our current Proudfoot location. As we […]

How Does a Thermal Expansion Tank Work?

Do I Need a Thermal Expansion Tank? As your water heater gets hot, the water inside begins to expand. This quick expansion can cause stress upon your plumbing. A thermal expansion tank, also known as a water heater expansion tank, is a great tool to help mitigate damage. These tanks will catch any overflow and […]

What is a Combi Boiler and Do I Need One?

Boilers were the first kind of central heating that people could have in their homes. This meant no more wood or coal fires to warm up the entire house during the cold winter months. As technology advanced, so did the effectiveness and efficiencies of boilers. If your boiler needs repaired or replaced, it may be […]

The Benefits of Sump Pumps

Some days, it seems as if the rain in Pittsburgh is never-ending. When it rains it pours, and unfortunately, that can mean flooding in your basement or garage. A sump pump might be the solution you’ve been looking for! Sump pumps are designed to remove water build-up from basements and crawlspaces. They safely deposit it […]

The Benefits of a Variable Speed Furnace

Of all the features available in high-efficient and high-performance furnaces, variable speed is one of the most beneficial. Variable speed furnaces provide high efficiency and comfort. Most blower fans on furnaces run at a constant speed and are either on or off. Variable speed will increase or decrease fan speed to meet heating needs. Today […]

Trenchless Waterline Repair and Replacement

Summers in Pittsburgh often come with their fair share of rain and storms. Leaky pipes and flooded floors fare the last thing you want to deal with after a long workday or when you come back from a much-needed trip. While you could try to follow a YouTube video to DIY a quick repair, call […]